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What We Do

The Alliance strengthens innovative and effective educational practices that lead to heightened student achievement and encourages CPS policies that support and sustain these practices.

Alliance schools commit to work deeply on key practices, including

  • Instruction and student achievement
  • Positive school culture
  • Leadership development within schools
  • Sustainability of effective schools and programs

Efforts proceed through the following activities:

  • In-Depth School Projects. Each school conducts a project of its own choosing, to improve practice and achievement at that school.
  • Inquiry Groups. Groups of schools work together to research topics of special concern, such as achievement for African-American and Hispanic males, or sustainability and leadership succession.
  • Networking. Alliance educators visit one another’s schools to share successful practices and information on strategies, achievements, and obstacles.
  • Briefing Papers. We gather information on research and practice and draft briefing papers to summarize it.
  • Documentation & Wider Communication. The Alliance is committed to share learnings and successes with other educators in Chicago and across the country.
  • Policy Initiatives. Building from their experience, Alliance schools join together to advocate in positive ways for district policies that support their proven innovative practices.

Please note: Internal documents and works in progress are available for members only, on this site. Once we are confident that information is accurate and well-supported, it is shared publicly.