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Who Are We?

Founded in 2004, the Alliance is a membership network of Chicago public schools that includes charter, contract, autonomous small schools, and regular public schools, at elementary, middle and high school levels.

Our mission: The Alliance strengthens innovative public schools and works to bring their proven practices into the mainstream of public education in Chicago. Alliance schools will serve as learning sites and potential models for new school starts.

Alliance Members

  • Commit to being part of a community of practice in which we are accountable to one another and make our practice – and reflections on it –­ public for one another.
  • pay dues
  • work on in-depth projects in each school to improve practice and students' achievement
  • carry out activities to build professional relationships and support one another
  • advocate for policies that support their successful innovative practices

A central theme of our work is sustainability – promoting structures and strategies that help schools to sustain excellence over the long term, so that the hard work of innovation results in permanent improvement, rather than blossoming only for brief periods.